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Is Self Doubt unhealthy?

Do you have self doubt on where your life is going? Are you questioning everything and second guessing all your past decisions? You're not alone. It's human to have those thoughts and to question everything. The part that can become unhealthy is dwelling on past decisions that you feel was a mistake and you regret where those decisions have brought you. The reason that you're doubting everything is that you're not having the self confidence that you need in yourself. I'm not talking about the cocky confidence that you're always right and never mistakes. But the type of confidence that you know you're going to make mistakes and you're okay with it because you know the direction of where your life is heading. You might not know how you're going to get there but you have a vision of it. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the process of things that we focus too much on how we are going to get to where we need to be that we create unnecessary anxiety and stress in ourselves that is not needed. You might not know how you're going to find a job but you can see yourself working and following your dreams. Your next job might not be your dream job but it's getting you to where you need to be.