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Vacate Your Problems

Are you letting your emotions get the best of you at work? You might be struggling right now in your personal life due to a breakup or another burdening situation. Those emotions can weigh you down and cause problems at work. It’s time to turn off those emotions. When you walk into work, you are there to do one thing only and that’s to do your job. Set aside your problems and emotions at work. Think of it as a mini vacation from your problems. You don’t need to worry about those problems right now; they aren’t going to help you focus at your job. If you don’t learn how to turn off those emotions, your boss or your annoying co-worker is going to trigger those emotions and it will become like a domino effect, all your problems smashing in together and you may not know how to react to those emotions professionally. Pause. Breath. Remember that a lot of those problems aren’t directed at you. You don’t need to burden yourself on fixing every problem. Speak to a Life Coach for more direction on controlling your emotions and getting back on track at work.