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Validate Your Pain

Is your pain consuming your whole world? Do your friends and family know the pain you’re experiencing? It might be time to validate your pain and know how much it's really affecting you. You might be thinking it's not really 'pain' that I'm struggling with but it's my current situation or my relationship that I'm down about. Think about your situation right now. Is it causing you anxiety? Are you not able to function properly without thinking about it? Does it keep you up at night? If you nodded yes, then there's some underlying pain going on that you didn't even realize yet. Don't be afraid to reach out for help or talk to a friend or a Life Coach about your pain.

With the sad news of Kate Spade’s death today, it makes me wonder if her death could have been prevented if she got the help and the support she needed. We don’t know for sure if she was asking for help or sharing her sufferings with others. I just know that we lost an incredible, talented, inspirational, mother, wife, lover, fashionista, game-changer of a person today because she believed that there was no other way out of her pain.

This pain is not your destiny. Your pain doesn’t define you. It’s holding you down because it doesn’t want you to breath. Be the game-changer. Don’t let your pain bury you. Choose today, right now, that you will prevail and overcome your pain. Talk to a Life Coach today on your next steps on overcoming your pain. You’re not alone.