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My Good Enough Isn't Enough

Have you ever realized that your good enough just sometimes isn't good enough? For instance, you've been slaying all day at work, making deals and making your boss happy. Then, you get home and now you have to worry about dinner, then the dishes, the dog, laundry, prepping meals for the next day, and did I mention trying to squeeze in a work out. I haven't even mention the significant other and children if they both are around. What about all the other stuff like quality time with yourself? When was the last time that you got to run a hot bath and just soak in it for a bit?

Typically my baths are 40 seconds and I have a dog and chores waiting for me to be done. I can't image if someone has other responsibilities like a spouse or children. But I came to the realization that even how much I try doing during the day to accomplish all my tasks, to do a good job--it's sometimes just not enough. Not meaning it in a depressed, let's give up attitude. But instead of beating myself up of all the things that I didn't get done in the day that it's okay. I can't accomplish every single task, be perfect and not make a mistake, or not have time for myself.

I've recently went back to school to continue my education in psychology. I was slaving over a paper for days and I spent weeks researching, editing and more writing and finally I had to submit it. Just the other day, I received my grade and I was slightly disappointed in myself because it wasn't an A+ it was an A-. I know sounds awful. Go ahead an laugh. But I've been beating myself up over it because I knew that I could have done better. The grade was heavily graded on grammar issues and I felt that I was poorly graded and I should have got a higher grade because of how hard I tried. The content was strong. The research was on point. Everything was great, expect for some commas and other silly grammar issues. I ended up writing my teacher about it and I got a response back saying basically that I got a good grade and get over it. But in my head, I was thinking that my good enough wasn't good enough.

I'm telling you all of this because slow down, stop, breath and remember that everything that you're doing is good enough. Stop beating yourself up. Stop wishing that you could be better. Start practicing self compassion. Start celebrating those small successes. When your boss tells you that you did a good job but then hands you another full list of other things to do, stop and reflect on how great you did and that you are giving your best. If you get a bad grade or don't pass a test. It's okay. Life will go on and you're doing the best that you can. Be proud of yourself. Celebrate the small victories. The more you celebrate and honor everything that you're doing, all the tough stuff won't look so bad. It's okay. Your good enough is enough.