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Are you feeling overwhelmed by life's journey? Do you feel that you don't even have enough time to read this blog? Overloaded. Overwhelmed. Searching for the pause button. You're not alone. There's so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. Too many responsibilities and obligations that it feels that the weight of the world is on our shoulders and being stretched too thin. Join the rest of us who are feeling the same way.

It's important to acknowledge the struggle. Take it all in. Then, release it. You can't carry the load on your own. I know you probably have some type of super powers and can handle anything. But it's okay to put your burden down. No one will judge you if you say enough is enough and take a pause. Take a break. If they do judge you, you probably should find some new friends. This burden has been weighing you down. It could be one heavy burden but sometimes it can be a built of multiple little things that have added up to one big gigantic monster starring at you.

Take the load off. Look at the monster in the face and scare it. Scream. Yell. Whatever you need to do in a healthy way to release your burden of overwhelming stress. It's okay. This is not the time where I'll ramble on how to prioritize your day to fit it all in. No, screw that. This is the time to acknowledge that fact we're all working so hard each and every day, and the struggle is real. Sometimes there's just not enough time to even breath. To have some me time. Sometimes we think we are being selfish when we lock ourselves in the bathroom and take a hot bath. No, it's important to take breaks, to have some quality time so that you'll be refreshed and ready for the next obstacle. You won't be good for yourself or for anyone else if you are burnt out, mentally and physically drained. Practice some self care today. Self compassion. I know those words seems foreign in the every day world. But today, chose to stop being overwhelmed and practice some self care. Self compassion that you got this and you're doing the best you can. Breath. Take a break. It's okay.