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Are you ready for the next wave?

In the sea of life, waves come and go. This movement of energy can cause our boat to move into a different direction. A small movement to our boat could cause a shift that we may not have even noticed. Think about this wave in your life right now. How much movement is it causing and how much energy is it stirring up? Visualize this wave. How will you hold your stance when the next wave comes crashing down? You might be wondering how you'll survive the next wave.

Take on this next wave with a strong stance. Reflect back to your strongest moments. How did you feel, and what thought process did you have? Remember how you got here and why it's so important to keep pressing forward. Build up your strength, it's there. You've fought for too long to let this wave get in your way. Tell it to move out of your way. Take authority in your life. You can choose today that you won't let this next wave defeat you. You are a conqueror and you were born to ride this wave.