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Fragile: Handle with Care

Have you ever felt like you're a delicate teacup ready to break. Those around you can't handle the fragile stage that you're in. They don't know how to hold you; they're stumbling over where and how to pick you up. Anything they say or do irritates you, and it creates more stress and anxiety.

It's like you showed up to a game that you're not prepared for. You forgot to bring your helmet to defend again hits in the head. You forgot your knee pads for when someone knocks you down to the ground. You forgot the necessary tools to defend against the your opposition.

There's so much running through your head and so many emotions to feel that at any minute you could burst. During this time, make sure you practice self-care. Try and do the things that you enjoy that doesn't cause additional stress in your life. There'll be obligations like work that you can't avoid. At work try and minimize a lot of contact with others. This is to avoid conversations about how you're doing. Until you're able to voice out loud how you're doing without tears and painful verbal vomit on someone else, avoid those conversation right now. There maybe people at work that you do trust with your personal information, but avoid talking about your personal problems at work. This will allow you to focus only on work and will help you stay focused to get the job done so you're able to go home on time.

Once you're home and alone, lock yourself into a quiet space where you can breath and meditate for awhile. Allow your body to feel your emotions. Let go of the hurts and the built up frustrations and anger. Let your body release those emotions. Cry if you need to. Get mad if you need to. This is your time to be as fragile as you need to be without any judgement.

Self-care is crucial during this fragile time. Allow your body to receive all the care it needs. Give your body what it needs in a healthy way. Once you feel that you've processed your emotions, give yourself a treat. Go get some ice cream, walk around an art museum, or get a massage. You deserve a treat to let body know that it's okay, you got this. It's okay to take a time out and process what just happened and properly release those emotions. It's not time to play hero and see how much of a heavy load you can carry. It's a time to trust your feelings and allow yourself the necessary time to process and deal with those feelings.

Remember that you maybe fragile today, but it doesn't mean that you're damaged goods. Allow yourself to heal from this and then allow yourself to move on. If you're not sure how to handle your emotions during a fragile time, or how to move on from a fragile situation, speak to a life coach today. A life coach can help you get on the right track of self-care and healing. You're not alone.