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How to Shift Your Energy

What happens when your energy flow gets shot down by a negative energy? I recently encountered someone with a negative energy. I politely tried to introduce myself and get on their “good” energy flow. But nothing positive happened. It actually got worst. The more I tried too engage with this person, the more they fought back. I noticed how this person would engage with others so happy and full of energy. But when this person engaged with me, it came across as cold and slightly rude. At first, I was kind of hurt by it, wondering what I did wrong. Then it hit me, this person’s energy flow does not want to engage with my energy. Nothing to do with me but with their own energy flow. Maybe their energy is full of insecurities and negative perceptions so they can’t engage with others well. It really doesn’t matter. All I know is that I will hold on to my truth and maintain my energy flow.

Knowing your truth, you can tune into the energy frequencies and choose love. I may have felt rejected or hurt by that person not liking me but I chose to love and pray for this person. I will realign myself with love and the energy flow will manifest a higher power in me. Not hate but love. This is not allowing others to have any hold or authority in my life. No matter what they do or say, I still choose love.

Sounds quirky right? But read it again with an open mind.

The solution is not to separate yourself from others but to choose love. Choose to be one with the universe. See strength. See love. See oneness. You will feel a lot better and will start to feel whole and present. Will you choose love? ⠀