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Where there is Pain, Cover with Love

One of my clients shared with me how she has been able to cover her deepest pain with love. The people that have caused the most pain in her life, she covers them with love. She has set such healthy boundaries for herself that when that pain shows up again, she covers it with love. I asked if I could share this feedback with others because I have recently experienced this same type of feedback in my support group, and she gladly allowed me to share this post.

Through facilitating a support group and listening to other people’s stories, there is an enormous amount of pain that we all suffer from. Yes, we all suffer from some type of pain. But when I check everyone’s pulse around me, the read in the room is that everyone is looking for love. Not the romantic love. The love of warmth and personal tie to another human. A love to feel again. Do you sense that feeling? It’s a covering of a breathing force that links us together whether you know it or not. Love can carry you through the toughest times. The feeling that you are not alone. We can sometimes get into the habit of thinking that our pain is so far fetch from those around us, but when you open up and share, you find that you are not alone. It’s such a comfort knowing that the universe will bring you what you need when you need it. You have to be open to receive that love. How can you check someone else’s pulse today and cover them with love?