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5 Top Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Whether it’s a friendship or intimate relationship, there is nothing worse than being in a toxic relationship. If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship, you know the effect that it has on your mind, body, and spirit. Many people don’t realize that it’s the relationship that is affecting them until it is almost too late to salvage the relationship and set healthy boundaries or end it completely before psychological damage is done.

Toxic relationships will make you question your intuition — that gut feeling. They make you second-guess yourself and wonder if you’re seeing things clearly and if you’re the problem instead. You start to blame yourself for any problems that you’re experiencing in the relationship and imagine that your relationship would be fine if only you could be the “perfect” partner or friend.

“When we doubt our intuition, we lose our power.”

It makes it that much easier for you to doubt your intuition when your partner or friend is actively encouraging you to do so which is called gaslighting. Read my blog called Up in Flames About it to read more about gaslighting and the effects of it.

In one way or another, they’ll make you doubt everything — your own inner knowing. Part of the destructive skill that toxic partners or friends will do is the ability to mask their manipulation, making it hard to recognize and call it out.

Here are the top 5 signs of a toxic relationship that I have gathered through research and personal experience:

  1. Refuse to honor your boundaries

  2. Minimize your accomplishments

  3. Downplay your feelings

  4. Expect you to do all of the work in the relationship

When you’re in a healthy relationship, the other person will love you for who you are. They will encourage you to be yourself — maybe even a “better version” of yourself, but still fundamentally you.

In contrast, toxic manipulative relationships will make you feel like you’re never good enough and that you need to be like someone else.

If you recognize that your partner or friend have these characteristics, ask yourself if this relationship is worth the cost of your well-being. Reach out to an expert like a life coach or therapist to help you end toxic relationships and live a life worth living.