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Help: Is There Anyone Out There?

Your wallet got stolen and you can’t find your original birth certificate. You go to multiple places to get a new license but no one will believe who you say you are. You fumble around trying to get oriented to no identity but no one is willing to help you because you have no identity.

Your internet at home has stopped working. You checked to see if there was a recent power outage around your neighborhood but there isn’t one. You’ve reset everything but no luck on getting the internet to work again. You call your internet provider and push the appropriately numbers to get to the service that you think you need. You do this for a few minutes, pushing buttons until you reach a human. The human on the other end is from a different department than the one they think need and they reroute you. When you reach the other department, they realize that you need another department so that can get upgraded. You get passed around from department to department endlessly. No one seems to care or know how to help you.

You ask your academic advisor for help because you are nearing the end of your semester. You see graduation insight. But you wonder what the next steps are to complete your next goals. Your academic advisor give you a round about answer that seems to unleash another list of things that you need to do in order to graduate. You wonder why this list of things haven’t been brought up sooner. Your academic advisor assumes no responsibility and you are stuck with a long list of things to do and graduation is now postponed.

Your arms are full. You shift your weight to one side to relieve some pressure from one side so that you can manage to free up part of your hand to use a finger to open the door. As you use of your weight to swing the door open but still managing to keep everything balanced in your hands, you start to feel things shifting in your hands and you realize that some of the stuff in your hands have hit the floor. You feel people starring at you as you try to put everything back in order. From the pressure of everyone starring and the awkwardness that you thought you could manage opening the door with everything in your hands, you wonder how you will ever manage getting all the things back in your hands again to get through the door safely.

You wonder if people are intentionally watching you suffer and does anyone even seem to care?

How many times have you avoided eye contact with a stranger? How often have you told a friend that you were “busy” when they’ve asked you for a favor? How much “junk” mail requesting financial contributions from charities have you tossed in the trash without a second thought? A study shows that most Americans avoid direct contact and will write a check instead of offering their direct service to someone or to a charity. According to the Department of Labor, only 3.3 percent of the population will volunteer their time to serve with no pay. Females and people over the age of 65, are most likely to volunteer their time to serve others.

Where has humanity gone to?

We are so quick to judge others for not serving us when we won’t even look at them in the eyes! When will this cost for humanity end? Will we only help others when we are getting paid for it or when it fits our needs? If you won’t serve me, then why should I serve you is the mentality of the world today.

People will pass homeless people on the street like they were trash left behind on the streets. Parents neglecting their children to meet their social status and job obligations. Teachers avoiding to engage with their students because its not on their list of job duties. Doctors paying more attention to the screen than their patient; typing in endless prescriptions.

When will the noise end? When will humans start to serve others without an agenda? Has the cost of humanity been bought by neglect?