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Let It Go

Let go of everything that is weighing you down. Close your eyes and imagine all your problems flying away. What weight is being lifted off you? The weight is heavy. Take your time letting it go. You might need to categorize your problems from small to large in your eyes. You will notice that the larger problems will take more time to let go. It’s been there for awhile. This problem or maybe it's multiple problems have been part of your every day life for some time now; it's part of your story.

Imagine that you're standing next to a mountain, you have to climb this mountain to the top for safety. But you know you can't reach the top with your heavy baggage. If you don't start taking off the baggage, it will weigh you down completely. Start mentally taking each problem and setting them down. Kick them to the curb if you'd like. It might help to do this exercise in private. Right now, physically lift your hands to your head and pretend that you're pulling these problems out of your head. Pull and pull and pull. Now open your hands and drop these problems to the ground. Watch them fall. Do you feel the heaviness being lifted off from you? It's a relief knowing that at any moment you an choose to release your problems. Release your worries and anxiety. They aren't helping you. It's dead weight. Focus on giving your body a rest. It’s speaking to you. These problems can’t be solved over night.

Now there's one last problem that you're holding on to. You believe if you don't hold on to it, then it means you that you don't care about it. You think that you would be like accepting the problem then. Think about all the worrying that you've been doing. Has this worrying helped your problem yet? You might be focusing all of your attention to this problem so it may feel something is getting done about it. But this worrying is causing you physical pain. Can you feel that built up anxiety and stress in your shoulders? Now bring your shoulders up and then release them down. Maybe it's been there so long that it's in your chest now and it's causing you to breath heavy. Each breath you take, you feel that problem co-existing with you. All the stress and worrying, it's staying right in your body. Let go of this problem. Dig deep. Now take a hold of that problem, grip it with two hands, and now throw it away from you. Watch it drift away from you. It’s no longer consuming you. This problem is no longer consuming your life. Rise above your problems today and let it go.