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Not Everything is a Sign

We sometimes look for signs in people and things to confirm the direction of our lives. We want to make sense of things. We want to make sense why something is happening or maybe why something is not happening in our lives. Hoping that this person will bring some type of validation or why to things. It puts an unnatural pressure on this person to try and give you an understanding that they know nothing about. Literally. They might have walked into your life because you literally bumped into them at the grocery store and you started a conversation. It does not mean that they were sent to you as an assignment to give you meaning in your life. Not everything is a sign. Not everything is a confirmation either. We must lean into ourselves to find that validation.

We can also look at things we encounter to try and find meaning in our lives. We are hoping for some type of confirmation that we are making smart decisions. But sometimes, not everything is given to us as a sign. The struggle and pressure of trying to figure things out for ourselves is sometimes the sign that we need. We need to trust the process and keep going. Waiting around for a sign only delays the process.

What you are searching for is found within yourself. Trust that you are the sign and that is all that you need. Everything that you need, you already have. Search in yourself to find your sign.