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The "Good Girl" is Not Enough

Women are taught how to be a “good girl.” They are taught manners, how to dress, and how to conduct themselves based on their assigned sex. I remember learning how to dress in a “safe” way that doesn’t draw too much unwanted or sexual attention to myself. I was taught that girls are vulnerable and we have to do all the “right” things to stay safe and not lure an unwanted male. Women are taught to stay young and sexy but not show too much or you might “deserve” unwanted behaviors or acts from the opposite sex. I remember my dad not allowing me to go to school with a short skirt on because he was afraid what could happen to me or what I might be perceived to be. Even though with my hands down by my side, my fingers could touch the hem of the skirt. Gender roles teaching women how they should live their lives from the way they speak, dress, and carry out their daily activities.

I am here to tell you that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. Just the way you are! Not after losing 20 pounds, getting Botox, or earning a promotion at work — right now! There is no role that you need to play out. No scripts to follow. You no longer have to be the “good girl.” You are allowed to be whoever you want to be. Also, being nice is not a female trait, it’s just a character trait of being a somewhat good human. It’s time that we, as females, stop thinking we have to be nice and accommodate everyone else’s needs but our own. Check in today to your own needs!

We need to take back our lives and demand that WE ARE ENOUGH. We don’t need fake smiles, pretty dresses, specific job titles, or be married with children to be enough. WE ARE ENOUGH RIGHT NOW. This moment, realize that you are enough without having to act or be a certain way.

Keep telling yourself, you are enough, until you fully believe it and walk in confidence. If you are already walking in that confidence, tell a friend or co-worker that they are enough just the way they are. We need to boldly come together to uplift one another. Females are still living in an oppressed, patriarchy society that is dominated by rules and expectations of how females should live.

My affirmation to share with you to meditate on this week is:

“I deeply and completely accept myself. I have everything I need to succeed in life. I am calm and at peace. I am thankful for everything I have. My life is full of abundance and happiness. I’m proud of myself for all my big and little victories. What is for me will not pass over me. I am confident in my abilities to make the right decisions. I don’t let others’ thoughts or judgments affect me. I accept myself exactly as I am.”