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The Stubborn Kind of Love

A radical kind of love that sees love as the will to live. Love feels better than hate. The stubborn kind of love that says I will love you through it all. My heart might be bruised, broken, and suffered great pain but this is what I have, I choose to love.

The part that can hold people back from loving again (intimate or friendship) is when their dream is tied into their love. Their love has an agenda for a specific outcome. When this outcome is not reached, they throw in the towel for love all together.

You see this every day, humans giving up on love. Instead of covering other people’s mistakes and wrong doings with love, they will curse their name and pick a fight with them rather than to forgive and move on. Someone took your parking space and you immediately want to leap out of your car and break their window in. Someone didn’t get your order correctly and you want to ruin this person’s reputation and business on the internet. And, the list goes on.

When your love is also tied to your dream, it makes it that much more difficult to cope when the love is broken. Let me give you a few examples: the person you thought you would marry breaks your heart, your dream of starting a family is shattered. Parents not accepting their child for who they are breaks their child’s dream of having a support system. A best friend who dies breaks the dream of having someone by their side through it all. That is called brokenness. Where their heart is completely ripped out and broken.

The stubborn kind of love will pick up the pieces and with each step forward, they start to put the pieces back together again. The pieces may not have those shiny vibrant edges to them but they are now somewhat put together again.

When you can come to terms that the dream you had of love may look different now, the better you can cope with giving love a second chance. The better you will give humans a second chance. The more loving you will be to your family. The better you will be as a neighbor or friend. Yes, you may be stubborn but have the type of stubbornness that still has love in their hearts. Where there is pain, cover with love.